We invite you to sit  down in front of a warm fire, with your favorite
beverage, and enjoy these Titles—
This romance is NOT for the faint of heart—

It is NOT a cloud-pink, honey-sweet love story; that
is a different romance—try "My Secret”.

This romance speaks of soul searing passions that
ignite and consume all lucidity—

It tells of a woman who discovers a new freedom
and the fun that she has living it.

—passion, intrigue, and adventure subdue Amber as
she travels through the newest, and the most
unexpected events of her life.  

Journey with her and revisit, or discover your
innermost desires; whether you are like Amber—an
independent woman, self-contained and innately
powerful, who has everything she desires in life,
including her much loved freedom(s), or you are on
the path of redefining you.
My Secret
My Secret is an endearing story of love
and romance that is recommended for all
women, and any man, who has or desires
to have a fulfilling relationship.

This romance tells of a hardworking
ordinary young woman, who has her plate
full of life as a full-time student and full-
time employee.  Anise endeavors to
achieve a lifelong dream of owning a
restaurant.  What she does not desire or
even expects, however, is the very thing
that she needs most.

Anise is resistant to help in obtaining her
goal, which makes her path unnecessarily
difficult.  During her journey of her life’s
ambition, and self-exploration, she slowly
relinquishes her self-imposed boundaries,
subsequently Anise experiences surprising
delights and adventures that result in—her
On My Own Terms
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Digital Formats: epub, mobi, lrf  at...
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